The Human Intelligence: Historical Influences, Current Controversies, Teaching Resources web site was designed to provide people interested in intelligence with an intellectually sound resource on the history of this important and fascinating construct. The goal of the site is to provide reliable, accurate information on the historical development of the study of human intelligence, with multiple avenues for accessing and interacting with the information. The site is routinely revised and updated, with new profiles and features being improved and added on a regular basis.

The site first existed as a map on paper, which Prof. Plucker used with his graduate students at the University of Maine and Indiana University. Dr. John Monson, at the time a doctoral student in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University, first suggested the idea of moving the map to the web, where it could serve as the foundation for an interactive resource on human intelligence. Many students and colleagues contributed to the building, expansion, and maintenance of the site, for which we are grateful. Prof. Plucker continues to supervise the site, with the assistance of Prof. Amber Esping, director of content, and Dr. Young Change, director of technology.