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Human Intelligence: Historical influences, current controversies, teaching resources.

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Granville Stanley Hall
Granville Stanley Hall

American Psychologist, Philosopher, Educationist.



  • Williams College, BA,1867, MA,1870.
  • Studied at Union Theological Seminary, 1867-8
  • Harvard University, PhD 1878


  • Antioch College, taught literature and philosophy
  • Harvard University, taught English 1876-7, PhD, 1878.
  • Special lecturer and granted a thousand dollars to open a psychological laboratory, Johns Hopkins University 1882.
  • Professor of Psychology and Pedagogics, Johns Hopkins University, 1883-8
  • First president and professor of Psychology, Clark University, 1889-1919
  • Founded Child Study Association of America, 1888
  • First president, American Psychological Association, 1889

Major Contributions

  • Although Hall had little direct personal impact on the study of intelligence, he strongly influenced a generation of American psychologists.


  • The Content of Children's Minds, (1883)
  • The Study of Children, (1883)
  • Adolescence, Its Psychology and its Relation to Physiology, Anthropology, Sociology, Sex, Crime, Religion and Education, (1904).
  • Youth: Its Education, Regimen and Hygiene (1906)
  • Educational Problems (2 vols, 1911)
  • Founders of Modern Psychology (1912)

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Image Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine

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